November 2013

A funny nation called Singapore

I really enjoy the never-ending political puppet show inside the island country most people love to hate. All of those oppressed souls (especially those who don’t know their freedom has been taken away from them) in Singapore deserve a little sympathy from lucky people who live in Australia or Nordic countries.  Early this morning I saw this article.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is not the smartest leader of modern countries around, but he is certainly the most highly paid one, although it can be argued that he pays himself what he thinks he deserves since his family own the country anyway.  In my humble opinion, PM Lee is a clown whichever angle you try to look at him.

This was a comment he made about the emergence of internet in Singapore as an avenue for expressing dissents, as quoted by the article I mentioned above: “Satisfied people don’t have time to go onto the Internet. Unhappy people often go there” – PM Lee.

That was a really fucking dumb educated thing to say for someone who earns ~$228/hour this year from salary alone  (not including perks) – just for breathing air.  In a country where many 70-plus-year or older homeless senior citizens still need to earn their keep by cleaning Changi’s toilets (if they are lucky), there is no word to describe his oblivion.

Also, have I mentioned that there is no minimum wage regulation in Singapore?  That’s for another day.  Please visit this FB page if you want to know more about Singapore’s political comedy.



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A new push for Republic of Australia

As a naturalised Australian, I never quite understand why some of my fellow countrymen are content with the concept that queen of England, who lives on the other side of the world, has the power to dissolve both houses of Australian parliament at her whim – it actually happened once.

I was delighted today to hear that Quentin Bryce, ironically the current governor general of Australia, voiced her support for a republic system. That was a very nice gesture from her and hopefully this would spark new debates about having a real Australian citizen as head of state.

God Kick The Queen (eventually)!


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