January 2015

5 early career tips for young graduates in 2015

First published in blog.buziebee.com 05/01/2015

2014 was not a great year for young people around the world seeking for work opportunity. In Australia, the trend is looking bleak and 2015 probably won’t create much celebration. IMF had predicted that Australia’s jobless rate to be second-worst in Asia-Pacific region. Here are five tips to survive the rough time ahead:


1. Enthusiasm is infectious
For the top 1% of you who are starting a new role in your dream job, congratulations! For most of you, however, everyone knows your current role is not your first choice for a career. Don’t waste time wondering what could have been, thrive in your role and bring your enthusiasm and your personality into the workplace.
Rather than treating your current role as a stepping stone for a better option in the future, treat your current role as your last chance to make yourself known to the world before you die.

Filter out the naysayers and listen to constructive feedback.


2. Ask for forgiveness not permission
The best talents deliver and they don’t ask around for permission to save their own back if something goes wrong – unless you work in NASA space station or Large Hadron Collider where small mishap always cause months of inconvenience (still ok to try to be smart!). Always ask yourself ‘What is the worst thing that can happen?’. If the answer doesn’t involve anyone getting injured or losing any limb, you will be fine. Just hack it!


3. Forget about scoring good grades – real world doesn’t come with academic transcript
I often find young graduates try too hard to conform and to please senior executives of big companies they think they might have a chance of working for. If you think carefully, senior executives have good ‘bullshit detector’ – perhaps not as good as millennials like you. If you want to be in their good books, start thinking like senior executives of a big company and help them solve problems.
99.9% of the time senior executives won’t have any job at their company to offer you anyway – but how many interesting young mind do you think these execs know by full name for being helpful?

Strong professional network will lead you to your dream career, not your fancy resume or your academic transcript.


4. ‘Permanent beta’ should be your new career mantra
If you regularly follow the news , the word ‘startup’ has popped up a lot lately. All aspects of building a new company from scratch is just as vital as building career in the new economy. The sooner you know about startup methodologies, the better. Read more about permanent beta here.


5. Never stop learning
Need anymore explaining?

‘Once you stop learning, you start dying’
–Albert Einstein.


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