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Clayton Christensen is coming to Sydney November 6, 2013

Incidentally, Prof. Christensen (see my previous post) is giving a one day seminar in Sydney as part of his Australian tour. It’s a very expensive one-day seminar I must admit.

I am a big fan of Clayton Christensen and I really don’t mind forking that much money for his one-day seminar. His talk will certainly be inspiring. Let me know if any of you is going to the seminar.

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Disruption in consulting industry – inevitable?

Recent paper written by Clayton Christensen and his co-authors published in October 2013 edition of HBR caught my attention. I am a big fan of Clayton Christensen especially after reading his latest book, ‘How Will You Measure Your Life?’. The book has radically changed how I think about my goals in live and how I see the world around me.

Only a few months earlier, I was fascinated by consulting industry and how the players had always marketed themselves as game changers. They always say that graduates can make immediate impact from day one. Having had the opportunity to understand consulting industry from the outside beyond many layers of marketing jargons, I finally decided that the industry wasn’t the right path for me and for my future aspirations. My gut feeling was confirmed by two interviews with top consulting firms in Sydney that didn’t end up with any offer :). I think it was obvious to those big firms that I wouldn’t fit in management consulting. I had a great time preparing for case interviews and interviewing with some of the consultants I had the opportunity to network with. Many of them, although not all, are really nice folks.

Clayton Christensen and co-authors, in their work, predicted the inevitable disruption in consulting industry. The force for change will come from big data analytics, outsourcing and automation of many of the traditional processes many consulting firms charge companies a fortune to get done. The large talent pool of ex-consultants sprawling in corporate world also contributes to closing gaps between what consultants know and what their clients know about what value consultants can add to their respective business. It’s interesting to keep an eye on what the industry will look like in the next decade or two. The recent rise of HourlyNerds has confirmed that early stage of disruption in consulting industry is here.

A few new business partners and I are planning to disrupt this industry too by establishing a new startup. We won’t be competing with top consulting firms immediately but we think we might have a good chance to shake up a few things. I hope to tell you more about the project in the next few months. Watch this space!


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Never settle for good enough


I encountered this really cool comic strip by Zenpencils via Gravakadvra. I will keep this comic strip on my blog to remind myself that life is too short to settle for good enough. Never lose sight of the foremost thing that makes you happy and be really good at doing what you are passionate about.


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Graphic design made easy by

Canva sample

I have finally managed to check out Canva platform. I’m impressed. The UX design is sleek and their free graphic contents are damn cool. Canva is currently being offered as beta site. Don’t sign up early to reserve your username early.

You can check out one of Canva’s standard templates above.


Note to self: use Canva more often from now on.

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