Portfolio Update December 2021

The final months of 2021 have been a deja vu all over again. It seems almost identical to the previous year with yet another variant of corona virus still raging on. Financially, 2021 had been a good year – plenty of new lessons, and exciting period of watching the portfolio slowly growing over time. Some of the questionable portfolio did trigger too much capital gain events though – ouch… There should be less of that in the current taxation year.

The target allocation had changed a bit this year since next year’s financial goals might have to shift a little (TBC). All the bonds are now in cash watiting for the upcoming plan.

The current allocation is a bit off the target. I will see what I can do next year to rebalance the portfolio. The growth of the crypto asset class has been interesting and quite challenging to manage. I wish there were more money I could allocate in crypto assets.

International (non-US)11.44%10.00%

The only two cryptocurrencies in my portfolio at the moment are Polkadot (DOT) and Ethereum Ξ. In my Ξ wallet, I use the stable coin USDC for locking prices. I think Acala was quite interesting but I didn’t get around to stake anything for that project. The plan is to liquidate all the DOT positions that are not staked at around AU$80-$100 price range.