It’s 2021, and the pandemic is not quite over yet. Although, in Sydney, we are very lucky that the pandemic is well under control, as life is returning to the ‘old-normal’.

The last two quarters had been the quarters of growth in the equity assets. Not so much if you are invested in bonds. I managed to rebalance some of my portfolios into the following allocation.

International (non-US)11.68%12.00%
Cash + Gold11.12%11.00%

I learned a bit more about the crypto asset class, especially about the potential of DeFi, and crypto asset-lending. It’s quite an interesting asset class. I decided to speculate/invest 1% of my portfolio to it. We will see how it goes. It’s quite impressive that the return is already at around 7.2% in the 4 weeks since I started although the volatility of cryptocurrencies is insane.

Two currency portfolio is what I’m aiming for Bitcoin ฿ and Ethereum Ξ. In my Ξ wallet, I have a few EC-20 coins like DAI, USDC, and Uniswap. I use ledger to store my coins.

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