50 Books I read in 2019 – Keywords: Freedom, Innovation, Capitalism and Humanity

I managed to finish reading 50 books in 2019. I didn’t have any particular reading goal set at the beginning of the year. I let what I read to discover the next books for me and so on. In 2019, I discovered the following broad themes with the book I read. Rome Learning a bit […]

I Read 100 Books in 2018 – Here is What I Had Learned – Part 2

This is the second part of my previous post. A Fresh Appreciation of History and Historians Last year, I wanted to read about the Ottoman Empire, so I started going through an audiobook from The Great Courses about the Ottoman Empire. The audiobook is a lecture series comprising of forty or so one-hour lecture. The Ottoman […]

I Read 100 Books in 2018 – Here is What I Had Learned – Part 1

The second part of this post is here. In mid-2018, I decided that reading online articles that got pushed to the top of my social media feeds and online media portals I frequented was not for me anymore. It was time to focus my reading on new topics with different (more robust) perspectives. I focused on […]