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  • Weekend Coding Kata Challenge – Fizzbuzz TDD Using Golang

    My work colleagues decided to go with Golang stack for a new repo we are about to start. We did a mob session of FizzBuzz kata using Golang stack. It was really fun. I decided to finish off the kata by doing my own refactoring, and adding some more tests. Golang looks really good. I […]

  • Weekend Coding Kata Challenge – Coffee Machine Kata in Statically-Typed Ruby

    I tried doing the coffee kata challenge the other day, https://simcap.github.io/coffeemachine/. I thought it would be quite fun to revisit my first language that got me my first job as a web developer, Ruby. I haven’t done Ruby and Rspec for so long. It wasn’t so hard to update the Ruby version in my machine […]

  • Weekend Coding Kata Challenge – Yatzy Refactor in Typescript

    I had done the Yatzy refactoring kata (https://github.com/emilybache/Yatzy-Refactoring-Kata) a few times before. I think once it was in Kotlin, and once in Java. However, due to time constraint, I never managed to finish the kata. I think I was pair-programming with one of my work colleagues, and we only had around 90 minutes to do […]

  • Weekend Coding Kata Challenge – Fizzbuzz TDD Using Haskell

    I wanted to check out different stacks recently. The goal is to pick an interesting new language and go deep on some aspects of it – understanding how to implement a simple web server with or without the language-specific framework. The main thing is to implement everything in TDD. I had a brief look at […]

  • Implementing Caesars Cipher in Javascript using ES6 Syntaxes

    What is Caesars Cipher? The particular constraint for this exercise is ROT13 algorithm (rotate by 13 alphabets), and only use upper case letters. Here is my quick implementation: The numbers inside the if statements of the code above are ASCII codes that correspond to the uppercase letters of the alphabets.

  • Check If a Phrase is Palindromic in Javascript

    I completed this exercise from Free Code Camp today. In essence, it’s palindrome checker that will return TRUE if a word or a phrase is a palindrome (minus all numbers and special characters), or FALSE if it’s not a palindrome. I applied all the recent Javascript lessons I have revisited recently to check if a […]

  • Create a New Javascript Object by Destructuring Existing Objects

    I learned some new Javascript methods this week which I think are very useful. Imagine a scenario where you have an object of customer and object of a shopping item, in the example below, an Adidas T-shirt. You can deconstruct the properties from the two objects and combine them to create an order object. The […]