How to Cook Ten Recipes for Under $10 from Scratch?

List of must-have pantry items before you start Cooking oil โ€“ There are many different oil you can use for cooking. If you are low on budget a bottle of olive oil or grapeseed oil is good enough. You cannot cook at high temperature using olive oil though, so be aware Salt & pepper Raw […]

Portfolio Update September 2020 โ€“ COVID recovery

Here is my current asset allocation in September 2020. Some of the current allocation % are way off the new target %. REIT is a bit too risky for me at the moment. I am not a fan of its recent performance and how much risks REIT assets carry. I will actively reduce my exposure […]

How to choose the right level of life insurance cover in Australia?

Are you single? Yes or No Do you have kids under 18 years old? Yes or No โ€“ Two questions before you start When we talk about life insurance in Australia. We talk about three different types of coverage: life insurance, income protection and total and permanent disability (TPD) cover. If you already have life […]

Australian Shares Portfolio โ€“ September 2019

The portfolio has grown by almost 4% since March. The modest growth is mostly due to the overall ASX market going up after RBA announced two interest rate cuts. Most holdings in the ASX is probably overpriced at this stage โ€“ not a good time to buy unless there is a good dividend on offer. […]

Saver App โ€“ Experimental App Using React + CSS Grid

Last week, I read this post, and I got inspired. The idea is to have a printed collection of coupons with 52 entry coupons; each coupon has a dollar amount attached. You can cross out a coupon each time you manage to save that amount. If you cross out one coupon each week for one […]

Australian Shares Portfolio โ€“ March 2019

Here is my current holding of ASX-listed shares as part of my larger portfolio โ€“ currently at 15.1% return since inception. I use to keep track of any price movement. My exposure to the Australian market is way too high. I look forward to mitigating this in the near future. The Australian sharemarket is […]

How to choose the right retirement investment fund?

For people under 30 years old in particular, how much superannuation money they will enjoy when you retire at age 65 (by 2023 the official retirement age in Australia will be 67 years old) depends more on the annual fees you pay on your fund than the annual growth of your fund. Less fee paid […]

Personal finance skills all millennials need

Here is a short list of important personal finance skills all adults should know well. I will write more about each skill in depth in the coming weeks. You can also google the questions below if you need your answers straight away. How to choose personal bank accounts? How to choose the right retirementย investment fund? […]