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  • Weekend Coding Kata Challenge – Yatzy Refactor in Typescript

    I had done the Yatzy refactoring kata (https://github.com/emilybache/Yatzy-Refactoring-Kata) a few times before. I think once it was in Kotlin, and once in Java. However, due to time constraint, I never managed to finish the kata. I think I was pair-programming with one of my work colleagues, and we only had around 90 minutes to do […]

  • Weekend Coding Kata Challenge – Fizzbuzz TDD Using Haskell

    I wanted to check out different stacks recently. The goal is to pick an interesting new language and go deep on some aspects of it – understanding how to implement a simple web server with or without the language-specific framework. The main thing is to implement everything in TDD. I had a brief look at […]