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Portfolio Update September 2020 – COVID recovery

Here is my current asset allocation in September 2020. Some of the current allocation % are way off the new target %. REIT is a bit too risky for me at the moment. I am not a fan of its recent performance and how much risks REIT assets carry. I will actively reduce my exposure to it in the coming years.

Bonds through Vanguard index funds is the latest significant addition to the portfolio. Thanks to the availability of in Australia.

Since my the last update, COVID happened, the market retracted around 30% at the beginning of March but it has since bounced back and most asset classes are now back to pre-COVID level or higher. Long term investors shouldn’t care much about short-term market volatility.

The Australian REIT asset class seems to be the one that makes the slowest price recovery. I think it will take a while for it to get back to pre-pandemic level.

TypeAllocation %Target %
Emerging Markets6.6%7.0%
International (non-US)7.2%8.0%
Fixed + Cash9.8%10.00%

Keep working hard towards your personal financial goals, and stay sane!